1PS - improve your life

  • Choose a direction for your life
    & adjust it until its right
  • Create a digital vision board
    & see your amazing future
  • Take one positive step each day
    towards success, from our exhaustive list
  • Be part of a community of doers
    & build your self belief
  • Get the support you need
    & never stop moving forwards
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Just a few ways
we can help

Stay motivated

Log the action you take and get the support you need. 1PS will be there for you to keep you on the path to success.

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Find a purpose

Almost no one knows what they want to do straight away but by following our simple system you will gradually find your true passion.

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Build confidence

Confidence like most qualities is learned one step at a time and we have all the steps you need to reach the confidence level you need.

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Better relationship

Whether it be better relationships in the office or with your loved ones we have everything you need to take to create the relationships you want.

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Get in shape

Losing weight or running a marathon are both all about just taking enough of the right action and you can take to create the fitness you desire.

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Better career

Get that promotion or start your own business We have all the steps you need to take to create the career and life you have always wanted.

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Little changes make big difference

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Just one small positive step each day can have a dramatic difference on your life in a month. Be healthier and fitter. Have better relationships. Feel more fulfilled. Have more time to enjoy life. Create a better you. Have a real direction to your life.

What is 1PS

1PS provides everything you need on your own digital platform with over 300 instant solutions so every day is a good one. A journal for you to record your way to success. A vision board to keep you excited. A digital diary to keep you organized. Prompts to remind you to take action. A personal feed to make friends, and stay motivated. An easy planning tool to keep you going in the right direction. A weekly review tool to make sure you are always improving. A community of doers who want to help you.

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Journal your way to success

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We all tend to remember our mistakes and failures in life and overlook our successes and wins, and this often leaves people feeling way less successful than they actually are. But at 1PS every achievement you add will be stored for you to review in your journal. That way you have a motivational visual representation of how amazing you really are doing.

Logging PS is the best habit of them all

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It gives a sense of achievement each day. It builds belief you will succeed. It gives motivation on down days. It creates the habits you need to succeed. It holds you accountable. It allows others to see your effort and support you. It allows you to assess and improve.

Success stories

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Gemma Campbell

Essex, Uk

In the 18 months, I have been using 1PS I have lost 2 stone, placed in a bikini bodybuilding competition, trained to become a Personal Trainer (PT), and now have a thriving PT and Pilates business that I love. It has changed my life and I am so grateful.
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I run large multi-country corporations and have found using 1PS has improved my planning, productivity, and focus. It is, without doubt, the easiest way to implement self-improvement I have found in over 30 years of business. It is now an essential part of my daily life.
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